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I just wanted to let you know I finally was able to have our first band practice in about a year, 2 weeks ago and again last night. I used your amp simulations. I play with a LIne 6 powercab at home and i needed to do some extra adjustments going through our PA system after the first practice. Last night they were dialled in just right and sounded awesome. I used the morgan, trainwreck, voodoo and slo. i also tweaked one of yours and call it mesa , andy timmons type sound . I really could use the voodoo or my mesa all night as they can roll back to as clean as i need and then dirty with volume and the leads are great. After work hours and family my guitar time is limited so i need to play not tweak and these amp simulations are just great, maybe it is the IR? I did buy patches from another guy and have downloaded many and never have any luck except for yours. just wanted to give you some thanks. __________________________ Hey Glenn, I just wanted to let you know I'm having a blast with these patches so far. They are serving as a great start to a lot of the artists/songs I like playing. The IRs are amazing as well; usually if there's a tone I find doesn't work for me, I just switch up the IR and it makes a world of difference. I've had this Helix for a few years now, and dialling it in has been very challenging and stressful. I got these presets with tempered expectations, but yesterday was honestly the first time I genuinely had a fun time using my Helix without reservations. I guess dialling in tones just isn't one of my strengths. I'm super happy with my purchase, and I feel I'm going to get much more value out of my Helix now. Thanks for you time and effort! - Steven __________________________ Glenn, Listen, I am an 80 year old rocker and blues man playing a PRS Floyd Rose thru a Line 6 DT25 into stereo 12" ext cabs. Your work is killing it. I'm having way too much fun. haha Relay appreciate all the work you do and the templates you construct to help people thru the learning curve created by the Pod Go system. I will be ordering more. __________________________ Wow, wow, wow! Into my second day of playing through your HX stomp patches and I am in guitar nirvana. They are incredible and dialled into that perfect sweet spot. Currently I play on multi platforms; Line 6, Kemper, Amplitube, 11R and can’t tell you how many hours I’ve lost tweaking settings and experimenting with various rigs. With your patches I went straight into doing what I love, playing the guitar. My wife even commented that it seems that I found my groove again and I’m to pocket. __________________________ Great job! Looking forward to trying some Kemper profiles soon. Glenn, Just wanted to tell you how great the patches I purchased from you sound!! I have patches from other sources and they are not quality products like yours. Thanks again Glenn! Let me know if you make any new ones. Neal __________________________ I just bought your preset pack for the Mooer GE 300 and I have got to say: Glenn the man, you did it again!! Wow crazy good presets, I am looking forward on going into rehearsal and use them. Thanx a million __________________________ I have almost all of them now! Still need the pick-up set and I really want to nab the large acoustic set, but those will have to wait... You are such a pleasure to deal with, one of the best out there in both quality and your personal touch you give on questions! And I have asked a few in the last year so thank you for being real! __________________________ Yesterday I bought the Amp Simulations Patches Ultimate Bundle. After proving how good they are, I had a connectivity problem between the Helix and the HX Edit. After Glenn asked me how the purchase went, I told him what happened to me and without thinking he helped me to find the solution. Thank you for the incredible work, but especially for looking out for your customers and not just the sale. Greetings from Spain __________________________ Hi Glenn, I have been a long time Helix patch user of yours and over the years I have come to believe you provide some of the best advice and certainly the best patches I have ever had. In the past I have been aware of but not interested at all in getting a  Kemper. I now have a brand new (my first)  Kemper  Stage ONLY because of your videos. I have spent a while looking around other Profile and Performance producers over the past few days, many in the market for years, and I can state quite easily that you have set the new standard for profiles. None have both wet and dry products like you do, nor backing tracks. That video you did on how to install them was not only useful to me as a  Kemper  beginner but again put you in a whole new category. I'm looking forward to trying your patches (it is early in the morning here so that will be after work) with a new Line 6 Powercab Plus, and I suspect that when you realize the market for Artist performances like you have for the Helix I will continue to be a dedicated purchaser of your products. Thanks, once again a great job and once again you are the man who has set the new standard for Kemper  profiles and performances. __________________________ Hi Glenn. I purchased the full Amp package and am unbelievably impressed. I bought the Helix rack mount and was really looking for a studio guitar rock sound for direct into Protools. These are the best sounds I have produced with your patches through the Helix. Marshall is gonna be pissed. You nailed down their top gear. I was gonna buy a Jubilee 2525c but wanted an investment more versatile for the money. __________________________ You and Helix? NAILED IT. Hello Glenn, Your patches are so fantastic! Thank you again for these wonderful sounds. I'm totally happy with your Artists Full Bundle. All sounds are absolutely fantastic. I will recommend you. Thank you for your help and motivation. __________________________ Glenn, Awesome Patches! I bought your first set for the GT-1000 and just purchased this new set. The first set of patches were perfect for my playing style. You saved me more time then I can imagine of setting up my GT1000…. I have not even had to change any of the settings on any of the patches besides turning different effects on or off and just uploading them in the order I prefer. I do have a question. I I look forward to trying the new ones out. Thank you __________________________ Thank you for your help! Just to say, I’ve only had an hour or so to play with these but I’m blown away. I’ve had my Helix for about a month and was becoming a bit disappointed (especially with the factory presets). I’d even started to scope out buying a Kemper. With your patches, especially the cleans, the Helix is now doing what I’d hoped it would. So, great product and great support. Hugely pleased. Cheers __________________________ Greetings - I'm the guy who earlier today accidentally (somehow) bought your Standard patches a couple times over. I want to thank you for your prompt service. As a former small business owner I know one of the worst things you can do is ignore your customers. It's a wonder many of them stay in business. So thank you for your prompt responses and for also making a real fine product. I just spent the last couple hours noodling through your patches and they are pretty damn good ! You saved me many hours of messing with the stuff I hate messing with-All the Tweaks. So, with a couple twists here and there it will be ready to go. Thanks __________________________ Dear Mr. Delaune, yesterday I have purchased the “Helix LT Artists Full Bundle” from your webpage. First of all the installation was very well described, I had no problem to include the patches into my Helix LT. I have found you on “you tube” and must say you are a very very good guitar player, especially how versatile your play style is! And the same positive feedback for the patches I bought, very professional work. I like them a lot. I have got the Helix LT a month ago and am little bit over-challenged with the settings, too be honest (lots of options to create patches). But it`s getting better. __________________________ Hi Glenn, I recently purchased the high gain amp models, specifically for the Blackstar models. I was so impressed. My new favourite is the Eo88. I was considering returning the Helix but your patches breathed new life into this product and I am really enjoying it now with the new IR’s. Thank you!! __________________________ Hey Glenn, I just wanted to drop a line and let you know how great your patches are. Since I got my Helix I have spent more time playing with the settings than actually playing. Was really cool to just plug in and have awesome tone right away. On top of that I can study and learn some tricks along the way. Thanks for the bonus patches you added too! Your awesome, keep it up! __________________________ Hey Glenn, Protector came in just as described and looks great after careful installation, easy! Main thing I notice is how clear the Helix screen is now. I still had the original film on there (I’m a nerd that way, lol). Wish I had bought this LONG ago! __________________________ Hi Glen, I just purchased Ultimate Bundle and wanted to say thanks. I just got the helix yesterday and learned so much from watching you on YouTube. The acoustic patches made it feel like a I purchased a new guitar lol. Amazing __________________________ I wanted to let you know that without a doubt your Helix patches are simply the best ones on the market. There are many guys trying to create patches. Theirs are ok, but cannot even come close to the quality of yours. Plus, you take the time to even post "how to" videos on downloads that update the Helix. you also, make yourself available for any questions that might arise. There are not enough positive words that can express my thanks to you for your efforts. THANK YOU! I own just about every one of the patches you have created and would tell anyone who owns the Helix to purchase them instantly. They would not be unsatisfied. The patches are just excellent. With Respect, Chris __________________________ Glenn I just wanted to let you know I had to send my Helix LT back and get a warranty replacement. It showed up the day before a gig, and I didn't have any time to really tweak anything. I had previously bought your stripped down pack, so I imported all your presets, spent literally 10mins checking some with just headphones, then I loaded up my gear and went to the gig. The guys in the band were impressed, as was I. I added a wah and a tremolo to a couple presets, otherwise I played the whole night on your presets. THEY SOUND AWESOME!!! __________________________ I’ve had your patches on previous rigs as well and have been very impressed with the quality. In addition to being very good “out of the box”, they’re an amazing teaching tool to help me craft my sound and learn my way around the Helix. Thanks again for the quick response! Best Regards, Todd __________________________ Hi Glenn, Thanks for sending along that download link so quickly. I’m genuinely stunned by patches. I’ve had the Helix for about six months now, and haven’t really dug into it yet in terms of programming. The presets it comes loaded with are pretty good fun, but hearing what you’ve produced here just confirms how powerful this thing really is. My last pedal board was a Boss GT-8, so this is a pretty big leap forward in terms of sound and power. Anyway, I doubt very much this is the last of your sets I’ll be purchasing, and again, thank you for following up so promptly. The INTERNET can be a weird, unpleasant and negative place sometimes, so it’s always a joy to come across someone like yourself who does great work, and then caps it off by being efficient, friendly and nice. Hope you have continued success with this, Tony __________________________ sincere thank you. These all sound really really great...and i can tell you put your work into them. They loaded flawless and work perfectly. Will order another set asap...maybe even the whole bunch at once. Again...many thanks. I have won the San Antonio Guitar Wars 8 times overall and play an array of styles like yourself. I am a huge fan of your playing and expertise. Thank you. Mark __________________________ purchased the AX FX pack1 and for me these presets are ready to go, they translate the sound of my les paul as well as from my strat or tele. They cover a wide range of styles. Maybe too much delay on the lead, but nothing too much at all. The Atomic and SRV presets are awesome and my favourites. Thank you Glenn. __________________________ My God these AX FX presets are brilliant. I use them through studio monitors and an Apogee Symphony. My strong advice is to purchase these beauties immediately. The author is a spectacular musician and his art clearly shines throughout these gifts. The price is ridiculously inexpensive and I would have gladly dropped a C note for these sonic wonders. I could listen to the author play for days...he is my new favourite guitarist. Thank you sir for these delightful goodies! __________________________ Hi Glenn, I just purchased your boutique clean amps and am extremely satisfied. So would just like to say thanks. Regards Luke __________________________ Glenn, I had a gig Saturday night and we decided to do Comfortably Numb. Not only was this my first gig with helix but the first time using any other patches live so I was nervous a bit. Holy crap your helix Gilmour patch was SO SO great for that tune. Ethereal but punchy enough to cut through the mix just perfectly. Great work good sir. Some of your other patches seem to be as well put together, so I'm eager to adapt them to my set list. The helix and your patches have reinvigorated by playing. Thanks again my friend! Kevin _____________________ Glenn, Thanks for the quick reply, Everything worked perfectly and the patches and IRs are unreal!! Cant thank you enough, I played through them for probably 10 hours yesterday, a new experience with every patch. I'm running the helix 1/4 main into the FX return on my HD147 and 4-12 cab bypassing everything, the thing is an absolute Monster! Thanks again so much! Cant wait for more great patches! Regards, Matthew ______________________ Hot damn! These clean patches are beautiful. Love the DrZ, especially. One of the toughest things is getting a beautiful, but dynamic, clean sound, not just on the Helix, but in general. You've nailed it on all of these. After being frustrated with my sound on a New Years gig, I've been working on my clean sound for three days, no kidding. I finally decided to just download yours. Looks like I wasted three days. I could gig with these patches tomorrow. Thanks. You can count on me buying more very soon. All the best, Gerry _______________________ Glenn, Thank you, I really appreciate the time you have taken to help answer my questions, you are amazing, and now, if I could only play as well as you do. Keep up the great work I love seeing new tones from you it is so helpful to buy your tones and have a template to customize to my setup, it sure saves me a lot of time and grief. Once again Thank You, Bruce ________________________ Hi Glenn, I just wanted to thank you for your hard work on creating these patches. When I first bought the Helix rack I was a bit disappointed with the default patches provided by Line 6 but then I found your YouTube channel and all the amazing sounds that are possible with the Helix. I quickly bought the patches available along with the custom artist patches you started working on. All your hard work has inspired me to practice more since you've made it easy to get great tone, and I thank you for that. You've also made me a fan of your music when I saw the Jazz patch demo of you playing Play on Words - great song, great album! Thanks again! I'll be looking forward to the custom artist package 2 at the end of summer. ________________________ Hey Glen! So I have now downloaded your patches and I can’t tell you how happy i am that i bought them From your website I have already seen that you are the type off guy who cares about details and i was impressed with your presentation on YouTube as well. You have a really quality product here what changes the experience from the helix from first impression nice to mind blowing when playing your patches….. I get much more inspired playing the guitar because its sound so great. I will now download the artist patches and start playing. I can focus on that now - because the sound is perfect thanks again and keep up the good work. kind regards, Oliver ________________________ Thanks man for your time and effort you put into these Helix patches. You have really made it easier on me and cut my time in half getting the sounds I need for church. I got my unit a few days ago and bought your Ambient patches. I tweaked them a little but I'm getting exactly what I was looking for out of them. You really helped guide me in the right direction starting off with this unit. Keep up the good work! ________________________ Hey Glenn, I recently came across your site and purchased the 3 channel tones you created for the Helix which was awesome. I love your site because although the Helix is easy to use, taking advantage of everything takes time to learn. With your tones and videos, i am able to quickly get the ins and outs. I am looking forward to the Matchless amps!! The real ones are my favourite. ________________________ Hi Glenn...just purchased all of your Helix patches (and the screen saver). The patches sound excellent...and they were very easy to download and move them to my Helix. ________________________ Hey Glenn...I was finally able to purchase your Helix patches last week since my Helix finally came in. I love them so far and look forward to getting more in the future. That Gilmour patch with the sound on sound is very fun to play with. ________________________ I wanted you to know that, today, I had my first opportunity to use the Helix patches I purchased from you. You need to know that they worked perfectly and are absolutely worth every penny. There are broad sound possibilities in what you created. Thank you for making it possible for me to have really great sounds. I do not regret purchasing your patches. They are really excellent. Thank you very much and know I will keep checking your web page for anything else you create. ________________________ Hi Glenn I watched your video on YouTube where you was demonstrating your Patches. Just wanted to let you know I have just been trying out all the patches you created for the GT100. Awesome .. Made my GT100 come to life. I run a recording studio here in Kent UK and these patches will be a great addition to us in the studio. Many thanks .. I will keep a look out for any more you release in the future ________________________ G.D. I played them all now. Just fantastic, excellent job on the Plexi and Z.Z. Top is just spot on. Also Van Halen.....Am sounded so good....... What a value for my Pod HD 500x your work is impressive. This Bundle is Amazing!! ________________________ Good Morning Glenn, I hope this email finds you doing well. I did buy a Variax exactly like yours. Naturally, I had to buy your guitar pack sounds. Thank you for making it possible for guys like me, who are computer challenged, to get really great tone(s). Finding your web page has been a blessing. Your super friendly approach truly comes through in your videos. Have a super week and keep rockin.
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