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GT-10 Clean Chorus GT-10 Clean Delay GT-10 Clean Strat GT-10 Crunch Strat GT-10 Funk GT-10 Country Rythm GT-10 Country Lead GT-10 Vintage Crunch GT-10 Alex Lifeson Clean GT-10 Alex Lifeson Rythm GT-10 Plexi Rythm GT-10 Plexi Lead GT-10 High Gain GT-10 Joe Satriani GT-10 Steve Vai
X3 Clean Chorus X3 Hendrix X3 Metallica X3 Plexi Rythm X3 Plexi Lead X3 Zen Master Lead X3 Robin Trower X3 Triumph XT AC-DC XT Rush XT Guns & Roses XT Stevie Ray Vaughn XT Jimmy Page Clean XT Jimmy Page Rythm XT Motley Crue XT Contry Lead XT Joe Satriani
Bundle includes all 21 Artist patches as shown in my Custom Artist Video
Follow me on these Social Media Sites These are my Custom ME-80 Patches. This bundle includes 18 unique ME-80 Patches that are optimized for Direct Stereo Recording and also for use into the front of a Clean Channel Amp or Amp FX Return!
Watch The Video Here